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      Yeadon Fire Company # 1





Year 2017

Month Fire Amb.
Jan. 74 174
Feb. 75 150
March. 68 176
April 77 172
May 73 161
June 58 178
July 67 156
August 72 171
Sept. 66 148
Oct. 84 143
Nov. 101 179
Dec. 101 151
Total 916 1959


Year 2018

Month Fire Amb.
Jan. 91  
Feb. 88  
March. 81  
April 64  



                                   History of the Yeadon Fire Company #1 Station 16

    The company was founded on April 15, 1904 by a group of 12 men who held a series of meetings in various citizens homes. The first activities of the Yeadon fire company included cake bakes and other fund-raising projects to get enough money for fire equipment. A few months after organizing, the company was able to purchase its first fire apparatus, a horse-drawn hose cart. When horses were not available, the cart was pulled by men who labeled it ''old grunt an groan.'' The men soon found a way to make certain that a lack of horses was a rarity. They came up with a plan that made the borough's teamsters and liverymen as enthusiastic in answering fire alarms as were the volunteers. The first man with a horse at the firehouse after the sound of the alarm was paid a flat fee of $2 for pulling the cart. The system worked until 1922, when the fire company purchased its first motorized fire apparatus, a three-quarter ton REO truck. The members themselves worked to convert the truck into a chemical and hose fire apparatus. In fact, they also used the truck to pull the hose cart. In 1926, the fire company acquired a Ford chassis. A wooden hose body was built by one of the members and "old grunt and groan'' was retired from service.


    "We started formal training in 1929 with the Philadelphia Fire Department," they said, and with Chester in 1930. Then in 1939 the fire company went in for formal training in a big way and had continuous instructions since. The fire company sends men to the Pennsylvania Fire Training School in Lewistown and to the regional and county training schools. It has five men acting as instructors in the county school at Ridley Park and has been in charge of Ladder classes at the school since 1948. Another facet of fire protection lauded by the fire company is the location of the fire hydrants. ''They are located around the borough so that they're within 500 feet of each other,'' The firefighter explained the hydrants afforded good access to any dwelling fire in the borough and that the fire company would use suction pumps to draw from the waterways and lakes only in the event of extreme emergency. In the early 1930's the fire company had 2 motorized pumpers and a ladder   truck.


History of Apparatus:

The First new motorized piece of apparatus was purchased in 1915. This was a pumper.

In 1929, the fire company purchased a American LaFrance 750GPM Pumper.

In December 1937, the fire company moved into the current firehouse, beneath the borough hall.

In 1945 and 1947 the fire company purchased Mack Pumpers.

In 1948, the fire company purchased their first ambulance, a 1948 Studdebaker.

In 1956, the fire company purchased an 85ft Seagrave ladder truck. This truck served the community until 1980.

In 1957, the fire company purchased a Cadillac ambulance.

In 1959, the fire company purchased their first rescue truck, which was placed in service in 1960 and served the community until 1982.

In 1969, the fire company purchased their first closed cab pumper, a Seagrave 1000 Gallon Per Minute pump, with automatic transmission. This truck served the community until 1990.

In 1973, the fire company purchased their first Van Ambulance, which was a chevy, and also the first Lime Yellow piece of apparatus.

In 1975, the fire company purchased a Ward LaFrance 1500 Gallon Per Minute pump, fully enclosed cab. The Ward was the first fully enclosed cab in Delaware County. Also the fire company purchased their first box ambulance, a Horton, which was the first box ordered in Delaware County.

In 1979, the fire company purchased a GMC Emergency One Pumper (16-4), a 500 Gallon Per Minute attack piece. This piece was housed on the 75th anniversary, and served the community until 1997.

In 1980, the fire company purchased a 106ft E-One ladder truck (Ladder 16-5) that served the community until 2006.

In 1982, the fire company purchased a Chevy E-One rescue truck with an air bank (Rescue 16-6). This piece of apparatus served the community until 2000.

In 1986, the fire company purchased a Braun Ambulance.

In 1990, the fire company purchased 2 identical Pumpers (Engine 16-1 and Engine 16-2), American Eagle 1750 Gallon Per Minute Pumpers. This purchased marked another first in Delaware County for the fire company. At this point the fire company finally had all Lime Yellow apparatus.

In 1993, the fire company hosted the Delaware County Fireman's Convention as part of the Yeadon Borough's Centennial Celebration.

In 1999, the fire company purchased a new Horton Ambulance (16-7). This piece served the community until 2008.

In 2000 the fire company purchased a Hammer / Freightliner Rescue truck (Rescue 16) and a Hammer/ Ford attack/utility truck (Tac 16). The Tac still serve the community. The Rescue served the community until 2013.

In 2004, the fire company had our 100 year Celebration and placed in service a 2004 GMC Horton Ambulance (16-7A).

In 2007, the fire company purchased a 2007 Lifeline Ambulance (16-7A) that still served the community.

In 2008, the fire company purchased a 2008 Seagrave 100ft Force aerial with a prepiped waterway and the fire company also purchased a 2008 Lifeline Ambulance (Medic 16-7). Both trucks still serve the community.

In 2010, the fire company purchased a 2009 Ford Explorer to service as the Command Unit. It was placed in Service in March as (Command 16).

In 2012, the fire company purchased a 2012 KME Engine 1750 Gallon Per Minute Pumpers (Engine 16),Also in 2012, the fire company purchased a 2012 ford pickup (Utility 16).

In 2014, the fire company purchased a 2014 KME Squad 1750 Gallon Per Minute Pumper (Squad 16).



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